Thursday, 12 January 2012

Really Pretty Pink Vintage China,

I am so in love with this pretty pink and black delicate china set. This is a recent purchase that I have had hidden away for a little while.  How crazy is that, hiding this! I have realised how ridiculous that was - so it is now out on display on my Welsh dresser in the pink section.

Warning - I may have got carried away with the photographs again. It was the pinkness of it. 
Three stacked high.
Three stacked high again but way closer!
These tea cups look slightly speckled pink.
Pink trio.
Of to the left.
To the right.
Oooooh hello there, you three trios.
Three in a row.
Bird's eye view, 
What were the birds doing in my kitchen?**!!
Spotty pink jug and tea cups.

As well as pink china, 
I also so love pink tulips.

Is Spring coming yet!




  1. such beauty and nostalgic charm in your postings- i adore your pink tea set and those fabulous egg cosies on previous postings x blissful x

  2. Bec, I love this pink, it would look amazing with some brownies..... maybe I need to borrow some and do a photo shoot of my own.....?!


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