Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Blue and White Spotty China, A Moment of Calm!

Just a short one today.  
Bit of blue spotty china action. 
Realised I have 36 drafts of blogging I have never finished. So I am just going through them all.  
It completely past me by too that I have been blogging for over a year. 
Yikes that has gone fast. 

So today's blog is all about a mug of herbal tea. 
I know you are all riveted. 

It must have been just a moment of calm.  
Which I can't imagine really over the Christmas holidays. 
But I honestly absolutely loved every busy minute of it.  

So really enjoyed being with the wee ones. 
I am so not one to say I can't wait to they go back to school/creche. 
Why? They will be in it for the next 350 years! 
And paying for it for another million! he he. 

Maybe the moment of calm was when they were in bed. 
A moment of indulgence into a sneaky chocolate brownie. 
I am a big fan of brownies, It must have been from all those years living in America.  My Mom makes awesome brownies but when she's not making them, I indulge from Ruth's
Oh my word they are absolutely gorgeous and come in a variety of chocolatey flavours. 
Seriously try the challenge and check them out, she can post them to you too.  Which is quite a bonus if you think you don't even have to leave the sofa to buy them, only go to the door. Result!

A little bit of a Coco Bean's brownie above, I didn't want to show the whole slice as it would have looked like I was an Iggy Piggy!
Oh I am.

Orange, mango and cinnamon herbal tea.

Blue and white spots and white and blue spots.

Lonely cup.

Cup sneaking off to the side.

Wow, that is brilliant red.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.

I so love this spotty plate, this plate was the start of my love of all vintage china, when I saved it from a china breaking stall in a local fair. 
How could you break this little precious set?
My sister got most of the red spotty set and I got the blue, which is quite obvious as you are looking at a picture of it.

Love this fabric, I keep buying fabric to make things but I can never bring myself to cut it up so end up using it for tablecloths! At least I get a little bit of joy from it for a little while longer!

Again sorry so many photographs, what was I thinking.
Can I sit still at all.
 No, not really.

Hope you are all enjoying your New Year.
So looking forward to this year.

From sunny South Wales,

Oh sorry did I say sun, haven't seen it since last year!

Take care for now, until the next old revived entry, haha.


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  1. I have that same blue and white spotty plate well mine is a side plate but i love it to. Tea and chocolate cake sounds like a great combination ;-)) enjoy, dee x


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