Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Morning,

I know it's a little late, but we had such a lovely busy Easter Sunday we didn't have much time for blogging.
I hope that you all had a great Easter weekend.
Easter morning started quite early with watching the sun rise at 6am at a lovely Easter service on the beach.
It was so beautiful and inspiring.

You can just about see the sun rising in this photo.

Bonfire on the beach to keep everyone warm.

People walking home afterwards.

I was then wide awake to get breakfast ready for the little ones.
They all love fruit so so so much so I cut up loads for them.
They didn't notice the lack of chocolate! 
They all loved eating from the vintage china.

A lovely Easter card from my beautiful sister.

Pretty pink roses. 

Painted eggs.

Boiled eggs, 
one likes just the yellow 
and one likes the white and yellow,
and one doesn't like them at all.

I have so fallen in love with these pink glass bowls.

Also love the spotted egg cup and the embroidered bird tablecloth.
The tablecloth didn't stay white for long with all those strawberries!

One of my newest purchases while shopping with my sister in law.
Also a big fan of vintage china.
I love this pretty jug so much,
it also came with a large pretty sugar bowl.

And can you ever have enough room in your tummy for fresh croissants!
This pink and gold side plate is also a favourite.

Fruit in pink glass bowl, and cereal in green glass bowl.

The little ones loved putting these cute little coloured glasses in a row, they are so dinky.
They so remind me so much of my Grandma Florence.
She used to give us the red sparkly drink Tizer in them when we visited her.

It was such a great start to the day. 
A lovely sunrise Easter service on the beach,
followed by a feast with the family.

I love my oldest comments while he was eating,
"Can we have this every morning?"
Loved it, made me smile.

We had a lovely rest of Easter Sunday with loads of beautiful relatives.

It is my lovely brother's birthday today.
He is such a rare jewel in this world, and his lovely wife.
They share a birthday a few days apart.
We had such an awesome day with them today.
And also my other brother and his beautiful wife.
I am so lucky to have such amazing in-laws that I feel are like my  best friends.

Makes you so thankful for all that we have.

Hope you all had a really good Easter weekend too.



  1. 1. I'm coming to your house next Easter
    2. Lordy we used to have those cute little coloured glasses when l.was a kid, l forgot all about them til now! :))

  2. Such a beautiful post. I love all your china and glass. I have the pink glass bowls the same as you and also those little 50's frosted glasses is something that i collect well anything 50's frosted glass wear i collect its a joy and the colors are so delightful. Easter looked like a very special day to you. dee x

  3. Sounds like you have a great Easter! I am definitely coming over to you for Easter Breakfast next year so set a few more place settings!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful photos, I feel very hungry and I want pretty vintage china! I just got a gorgeous set of utility china given to me by my sister-in-law! She is awesome and it's so cool!

    Have a super day!


  4. Love the painted eggs, and of course the croissant!


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