Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Spring Wedding,

What a lovely Spring Wedding! 

The Gower Peninsula was such a perfect location for this stunning wedding. 
Natalie and Scott declared their love and dedication to their guests overlooking the beach followed with a coastal path walk back to their lovely country farmhouse.

A stroll through the lanes past all the farms.

The beautiful coast and a random dog.

I love these shades of vibrant red paint.

Natalie wore a beautiful lace dress with great attention to detail.
I love the dainty buttons running down the back of the dress and the lovely little train at the back.

Natalie and bales of hay.

Really loved the ribbons around this glass vase.
The surrounding air was filled with the most beautiful scent from these purple flowers.

Love this cards and gifts table.

It takes quite a while to collect enough silverware for a wedding!

Pretty shades of pastel bunting surrounded the 
whole garden.

Pretty tea lights in jam jars suspended from trees around the garden for the late evening entertainment.

What a wonderful wedding.
We felt honoured to be around such lovely inspiring people.
And also to meet fellow enthusiastic artists too.

Hiding behind the hay.

It was such fun, the little ones had a massive hay fight with the hay bales.

And the food was amazing,curry!

All the guests bought large quantities of desserts that were  placed on that lovely vintage china!
What more could you ask for?

More photographs soon.



  1. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a beautiful day was had! I love this type of wedding!


  2. What a lovely wedding. I wish I could have my wedding day again. I'd do it so differently. I love her wedding dress. Beautiful post. xxx

  3. stocks....stocks!! I love them! a favourite flower


    Your post is so lovely! I keep coming back just to look again!

  4. Looks like a fantastic day! Wonderful!


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