Thursday, 19 May 2011

Vintage Cat,

It's been a busy, busy month.
Which is great but busy and not much time for blogging.
I thought I'd put in a couple photographs of the vintage cat who made an appearance to our home last week.
It was little one's birthday and in the week he was chosen to take the lovely cat home for the evening.

We stopped by the park on the way home.
(Note the little ones enthusiasm of playing on the slide behind).
Thus leaving the cat behind.

Oops. cat on the floor.


Then back home for dress up time and cup of tea.

The 3 of them enjoyed dressing her up for a high tea.

She obviously needed a little help.

And had a sneaky sleep afterwards.

We also had a sneaky stop by an old hall to book a Vintage Party and to take some notes.

And now the party is this weekend!

So a lot of planning has been done, 
with a little bit more to do.

Will show you the photos soon!



  1. Love the vintage cat. My son had to bring home this rancid old toy squirrel called Bumble George. We had him for a week and had to take lots of photos and make a diary for him. It was fun but he really was insanitary. Think a Vintage Bunny who is polite and drinks her tea from a china cup is a much better idea.
    Good luck with the party.

  2. awww such a sweet post. Lovely cat ;-)) have a wonderful weekend, dee x


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