Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Colourful Vintage Collections and Cake,

I was inspired by some new colourful thrifty finds today.
So I have put a collage of photographs together to brighten up your day!
Make sure you find time to stop and put those feet up and have a nice cup of coffee and some whoopies cakes. 
That still has to be one of the funniest names for a cake!

2 new thrifty finds today to add to my pink thermos flask,

These are actually called 'scrumptilicious strawberry whoopies',

Perfect 3 tiered whoopie holder!

A beast of a chocolate cake, I'm thinking this is just one portion?

Lovely Coventry Cathedral melamine tray.
just can't figure out what am I going to put on my Coventry tray, I know so many people that have been sent there.......

Green boots 'Thermos' flask - 1.02 litre - made in England

Lushilicious lemon whoopies - thanks CoOp!

More Retro flasks for you to feast your eyes upon - every angle covered.
Retro picnics for this summer

 The RED Thermos - approx. capacity 0.85 litres. - big on the outside, small on the inside.
The inverse Tardis effect

I didn't eat them all today - but tempted.

Edible yellow?

Coffee number 5 - wired for blogging.

Take care for now,

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