Saturday, 24 September 2011

Vintage Green China,

Green Vintage China,

OOOOH I am a little gutted to depart with this lovely green china.
But I am comforted that I have visiting rights as my lovely brother has some of it too!

Green is good for this week, as it is only one week until the

Yikes so much to do.

Should have been saving all my green china for a complete green event to go with the theme of Macmillan!

Next year!

Have a good Sunday.



  1. Wow what a pretty trio! I always love seeing your beautiful pieces, the way you photograph them is stunning. This afternoon I was lucky enough to be given 6 different trios and some lovely dishes and bowls by a friend. Talk about exciting!!! They were his nanas and she needed to clear space and was going to give them to a charity shop. So instead I am the lucky recipient. I can't wait to use them. Have a fabulous week hon!

  2. Wow, what lovely china! Good luck with the coffee morning.


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