Monday, 5 September 2011

St. Ives.

St. Ives.
I am so in love with St. Ives!
We have just been away for a wee holiday, and a few thousand photographs later, here I am back home.
Not sure if it's just for the summer, but it seemed like most of the small villages in Cornwall had their colourful bunting out.

You so have to be careful about the massive seagulls in St. Ives. My brother had his whole chocolate brownie nabbed from his hand a while back. Anything else would be ok, but not a chocolate brownie! Very cheeky monkeys.

Beautiful little beaches surround the whole town. 
I so love the turquoise sea here, it almost looks as if you are abroad somewhere hot!

Small side streets.

Almost lost.

One of the big attractions to this artists paradise are the vast amount of small art galleries.

Alfred Wallis has to be one of my all time favourite mariner artists. He was amazing. He was a cornish fisherman who started late in life painting just "for company" after his wife died.
His seascapes are from memory and depict a good example of naive art.I love how he painted on a wide variety of surface materials such as wooden trays and cardboard. Check out his work if you haven't seen it.

Also had the chance to check out the Tate, St. Ives.
This art gallery visit was great for a 2 year old as they had Martin Creed's fun balloon exhibition.
A whole large room full of white balloons!

And then there was the work of the artist Roman Ondak, Measuring the Universe. Each visitor is asked to stand against the gallery wall to be measured, luckily not my waist but my height!
The whole room is continuously filling with people's measurements and names.

As there had been so many visitors, it had become a design in itself.

The curator marked our height, date and name.

My name was not really noticeable but it was great to be part of the growing exhibition.

But little one's was. 

He really enjoyed the interaction.

Then of to the coffee shop upstairs with the most awesome view over St. Ives.

A safe glass wall surrounds the balcony.

The Beach in front of the Tate.

What a great way to advertise the tea room in St. Ives.


Church by the lifeboat station.

The other side of the church.

Streets of bunting.

Spotty bunting.

Lovely yummy cakes.

Turquoise window filled with pretty ornaments.

Stripy vases,
I brought one of the blue and white stripy vases last time I visited.

The St.Ives Museum.
My dad always took us all here when we went on holiday,
 So I have to continue the family tradition!
I absolutely love all the old artefacts there.
But maybe not these measuring scales!
We all took our turn. 
Lucky it didn't break when I got on!

 Colourful buoys.

Little boats in St. Ives 

Back to the beach and a little train ride.

Pretty purple flowers.

Blue sea.

Saying good bye to the beach.

Have a great Monday. 




  1. What a gorgeous post. I used to go to Cornwall every year as a kid. In my humble opinion, it (alongside Whitstable and the Isle of Wight) are the finest places to holiday by the sea.
    We used to get the train to Carbis Bay. Such a gorgeous little journey and my fave shop in St Ives was the shell shop, is it still there?
    The last pic of your kids is lush and your son looks like mine from behind.
    Lovely outfit on him! Love stripes.
    Glad you had great time and hope you don't have the holiday blues.
    x x x x

  2. Aw gosh I felt like I was there in this post! I miss it, wish I had been there with you guys! Such a wonderful place to visit. Something for everyone. I agree with Gem, my favourite thing there is the shell shop. I always buy a lovely big one on every visit, it's a lovely reminder for me. Maybe next year!

    Glad you all had a lovely time away!

    much love beautiful


  3. Wow looks like a lovely holiday! I do love cornwall, but last time we went it rained the whole time! Looks like you were a lot luckier with the weather! x

  4. Thank you for this little trip to Cornwall via your blog, I haven't been yet but really want to.

    It's the quaint streets with bunting that appeal to me. Love the pictures. I'm always harping on to the OH that I want to live there - even though I've never stepped foot there!

  5. Hi Becca,

    It's been ages since I had holiday in St Ives. Thank you for taking me back. You made some lovely photo's!

    Madelief x

  6. awww i had a huge lump in my throat reading and seeing your post. St Ives holds a special place in my heart. The first time i ever went i felt like i had gone home everything was familar to me i am sure i must have lived here in a past life. I have not been for a few years now but i am planning on going before the end of the year that is for sure. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and beautiful place, dee xx

  7. What a wonderful post! We used to go to St Ives with my Dad and step ma every summer. I've been reduced to tears reminiscing about an unfortunate incident with my brother his favourite football top and a sea gull. Thank you!

  8. Thank you to all your lovely comments. Think we all need to by a massive cottage down there and share it out!
    But I'm sure it would be hard to leave!
    Becca xxx

  9. Oh wow - what an amazing post! I wish I lived somewhere so gorgeous. All those lovely narrow little streets and the old buildings - aaahh just stunning. The shop windows, the bunting, the cheeky seagulls - all just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing - it's great to get a glimpse into life on the other side of the world!! Have a fab week hon. I can't wait to visit again - your posts are always a pleasure to read. L x

  10. i love the bunting on the streets. Every town should be like this. make an effort you know??

  11. Lovely photos Becca - thank you for sharing them!
    I love St Ives, although havent been for about 10 years now, but it has such a wonderful atmosphere. The Tate was still quite new when we visited - that "height" art is fun!
    Looks like you had a great time.
    Happy times!
    Gill xx

  12. I love St Ives. It has a lovely 'feel' to it and the sea is such a gorgeous colour, and those lovely little arches by the harbour! Last time we were there a seagull had my husband's icecream and gave him a nasty scratch. He claimed it was a 'gash' but he is such a wuss!


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