Sunday, 7 August 2011

Beach Pirate Party.

Time for another lovely joint boy's pirate birthday party but this time on a nice sunny beach.
What a beautiful warm day to celebrate such an event.
An excellent team pulled of a fantastic treat for all the little ones.

 We didn't need my favourite stripy wind breaker.

But we did use oodles of bunting.

Pirate lunch boxes.

The games begin.

Girl's stripy pirate outfits

Jagged trousers.

Stripy pirate trousers.

Pebble and spoon race.

Sack race.

Stripy black and white pirate outfit.

Stripy girls' pirate costume.

My pirate stripy outfit.

Pink sun hat.

Colourful spotty dress.

Pretty pink floral dress.

Sand castle building competition.

Cricket stumps and pirate hat.

What a couple hours of good fun.
Love Summer birthdays.

Hope you are having a good weekend.



  1. Looks like a lovely day was had! I miss the beach, need to get to one! Looks like you had a big pirate fest!

    big hugs


  2. lovely!! love the bunting!!

  3. Meant to say, loved the pic of the spades, that would make a great pic in a frame! x

  4. you have brilliant photography skills :D x


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