Saturday, 20 August 2011

Spotty and Stripy Tea-time,

Spotty and Stripy Tea-time.

Another lovely visit from Chris. 
 All I said was -
 Are you ever inspired by the colour orange
 And look what Chris came up with? I am so, so, so  loving this colourful stripy dress from Anthropologie.
I so would love to take photographs of all of Chris's dresses in her massive wardrobe!

Is this the most cutest gigantic spotty cup ever? 

Stripes and spots.

Stripes and spots x 4.

Yes, yes, yes sunglasses were needed, a rare moment!

Loving the ribbon detail.

Nice telegraph wires behind Chris!

Polaroid Chris x 4.

Just discovered this new black and white photo app. and loving it as you can tell!

Massive Spotty cup and saucer.

I am always trying to make Chris laugh!
It doesn't take much!

Spotty cup from Whittards of Chelsea. 

A little bit of gold frame love going on at the moment!

Chris and my gold frames.

Till the next cup of tea!


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  1. I love the finishes on your photos - it looks like you're right out of a magazine! I was also thinking of Cadbury's Spots vs Stripes competitions on the radio - do you have that in Wales? Love love Anthropologie :) XoL

  2. Loving those photo's especialy the black and white ones. Stripes and spots are just yummy ;-)) Chris looks so very lovely. dee xx

  3. That dress is stunning! I love the spots and stripes them - just gorgeous. I have dress envy now ... Have a fab week hon! I'm away for a bit now but will pop in and visit again soon. Leah x


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