Saturday, 13 August 2011

♥♥♥ Juicy Lucy Fairy Give-Away ♥♥♥



Fancy Vintage has joined up with Juicy Lucy Designs to offer this really fun fairy magic bag give away. I am so loving all of Lucy's drawings of fairies. Juicy Lucy Designs has also got it's really cute brand new updated website up and running too! 
So if you have a chance go and check it out.

And also Fancy Vintage finally broke the 100 likes mark on Facebook so we are really excited about doing it's first give-away blog post.

So loads to celebrate!

 My magic bag full of fairy wishes  

What's in this bag?
Quite a lot really!

 A Juicylucy pink bag "My Magic bag full of fairy wishes" 
 A Juicylucy keyring "fairy girl" 
 A Juicylucy mirror "always remember how much you are loved" 
 A Juicylucy "fairy stationery set for spreading magic and love!" 
 A Juicylucy large A4 note book "My Magic Note Book" 
 A Juicylucy A5 note book "My Magic Fairy Book" 
 Juicylucy A6 fairy note paper pad 
♥ with the words 
 ♥ "all the fairies told me that you should eat as much as you like!"

 A Juicylucy pile of fairy envelopes 
 A Juicylucy dinky magic phone charm 
 Juicylucy magic sticky notes that say "just a thought" 
 Juicylucy little box of angel messages 
(16 tiny message cards for sending angelic love and 
light into the world!)
And finally
 A little thank-you milk chocolate bar! 

♥ Collection of fairy gifts 

All you have to do is... 
(a few options!)

1.) Follow and leave a comment on this post.
(If you are a follower already please say so as well, thank you)

or/and for an extra chance, 

2.) Like Fancy Vintage on facebook.

or/and also for an extra extra chance. 

3.) Like Juicy lucy designs on facebook.

or/and also for an extra extra chance.

4.) Follow Fancy Vintage on twitter.

or/and also for an extra extra extra chance.

5.) Follow Juicy Lucy Designs on twitter.



You are more then welcome to use the give away badge/collage at the top of this page.

Please ensure you include your email address so I can let you know if you win! 
(You may need to create a google account to comment, it's free, so don't worry.)
And please, please tell me how many entries I have to put your name into my bowl!
To choose the winner, 
I'll put your names in a big vintage china bowl and get one of my little ones to draw the winner!

You have a week to enter - closes at 10pm (BST) on Saturday 20th August. 
The winner will be announced the next day on this blog. 
I will email the winner too.

Good luck & and feel free to share with your friends!

The little print
1. Remember please include your email address unless I know you personally as I cannot contact you via facebook if you win due to facebook rules.
2. This is open to anyone.
3. The Little one's decision is final.

♥ Below are photographs of some of this fun Juicy Lucy give-away. 

♥ Little bit of pink Juicy Lucy stationery set  

♥ Massive magic note pad 

♥ Cute pink fairy book 

♥ Just a thought magic sticky note pad 

♥ Key ring, pocket mirror and phone charm 

Handy writing paper and envelopes 

♥ Box of Angel Messages 

♥ "You are surrounded by Love" is so my favourite 

♥ Little one with his hands on some juicy lucy stationary! 

♥ The little thank-you chocolate!! 

All the best. Take care for now.
Have a great weekend.


  1. woweeeee what a wonderful collection- such a fab design- jolly and fun- im sure my daughter starting school in sept would L*O*V*E IT!!!!! xx
    im a follower and off to check ya facebook x but im not sure i know how to Tweet hehehe x
    great blog xx and if your anything like Lovely Vanessa im sure your a fabby soul xx

  2. What a cute giveaway! Found it via fab Coco Rose. Just become a follower too!
    Celeste x

  3. Wow, what a pretty giveaway! And so many lovely pieces! I am a follower and would love to enter!

    I have also 'liked' fancy vintage on facebook
    & 'liked' Juicy Lucy on facebook

    & followed fancy vintage on twitter
    & followed juicy lucy on twitter!

    (I'm Julie Hurman)

    Jewel x

  4. I found your lovely blog via Coco Rose and have become a follower.

    I have liked you on FB
    I have liked Juicy Lucy Designs on FB
    I am following on Twitter for both you and Juicy Lucy Designs
    I have added your button to my sidebar with a link back to your blog.

    6 entries I think x

    I am also hosting a giveaway if you would like to take part please pop over to my bog:

    Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

    x Sue x

  5. Hi, I have just become a follower, and I would love to enter, my daughter LOVES fairies, in fact we spent today making a fairy garden, which I just posted about in my blog, so great timing finding yours !!!
    Thanks :)

  6. Think I might have to sit this one out! Darn it! Will just have to be happy looking at my juicy Lucy fridge planner! Would be completely lost without it! I'm such a scatty thing! Happy giveaway my lovely, such fab goodies! Xxx

  7. What a cute give-away, I just became a follower and liked both Facebook pages.

    Best regards,

  8. Please write my name ;)I love all so much. A lovely giveaway from Juicylucy to be spread everywhere in the house. Thanks!!!

  9. Ooo I love Juicy Lucy designs. What a lovely giveaway. I`m not on fb or twitter so just one entry for me.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Wow great giveaway, I'm off now to add a button to my side bar and like both pages on Facebook, Thanks xxxx

  11. New follower here! What a fab giveaway!! I love Juicy Lucy stuff! 6 entries for me I think. Ive done the following:

    1. Following your blog
    2. Liked Juicy Luicy on facebook
    3. Liked Fancy Vintage on facebook
    4. Following Juicy Lucy on twitter
    5. Following Fancy Vintage on twitter
    6. Have added your button to my blog sidebar

    Cheers again. x

  12. Golly what a great giveaway! Came here on Vanessa's advice and so glad I have. I have added your facebook page to my likes and also am following your blog so that's two for me please!

  13. I have 3 entries : ) I hope I win, it is such a lovely giveaway xxx

  14. Thank you for the lovely giveaway. I also came via Coco Rose. I became a follower of your blog and I'll put the button on my blog.
    my email addy is
    JuicyLucy has the cutest stuff.

  15. Count me in :) I have three entries and have popped a link on my blog ;) fingers crossed!
    My email address is
    Thanks :) xx

  16. Just become a follower, one entry as I'm not on FB or Twitter. I adore Juicy Lucy :-)

  17. What an amazing giveaway!

    Three entries here (this one and two FB entries under the name Kathryn Vercillo.)


    cmfpublications (yahoo)

  18. I love Juicy Lucy and wow what an ace giveaway.
    I am now a follower of your blog and I am following you and Juicy Lucy Designs on Twitter.
    I've also liked both pages on Facebook. So that's 5.

    Sam x

  19. Wow what a great prize. I have come over from cocorose. I am now a follower. My neice is fairy mad she would love this prize enter me once please.

  20. Hello i'm new around here!
    found your lovely blog through coco rose and what a fabulous and generous giveaway!
    i am now a follower too
    jooles x

  21. What an exciting prize! My girls would love it. I am now a follower of your blog, I 'liked' Fancy Vintage a while ago (does that count?!)and I've just liked Juicy Lucy - Will also follow you and Juicy Lucy on Twitter. Hope one of your 'little ones' pick out our name from your bowl. (5 entries)

    Caroline x

  22. This giveaway is totally fabulous!
    My names Rachael C and my email address is, please enter me! I'm following your blog and I did all the extra entries! <3
    Thanks for hosting such a fab giveaway. xxxxxx

  23. Thanks to everyone that entered today, Great to meet you all!
    6 Days left! Big hugs to all,
    Becca x

  24. Hi Becca, wow congrats on your huge following - very well deserved! I absolutely love visiting your beautiful blog. Just the one entry for me - I'm not very 'technically minded' so twitter and all that is beyond me just now (talk about blonde!!). Have a fab week hon. Leah x

  25. So super cute....I'm your 100th follower!
    fingers crossed!

  26. Love your blog and what a fab giveaway! I am now a follower.
    Becky x

  27. I have just discovered your blog through Coco Rose Textiles. Love the fairy designs and what a fab giveaway! Would love to win it. Thank you for giving me the chance.

  28. Thanks for following me too.

    Your giveaway button is now on my blog. I must have gotten sidetracked yesterday when I was going to put it up.


  29. What a lovely giveaway! I have a 5 year old who would love to win those prizes!! I am now a follower, have followed you both on twitter and also on facebook. x

  30. What a lovely giveaway. I love Juicy Lucy Fairy and so does a Little Miss of mine. ~c~

  31. I am new here - thank you coco rose - love your blog and I am a new follower.

  32. Wow lovely blog, lovely giveaway! I am now a follower! I have:
    -followed your blog
    -liked you on facebook
    -followed you on twitter
    -like juict lucy's facebook
    -followed juicy lucy on twitter

    so thats 5 entries in to the pretty vintage bowl for me please!x

    Wilde Snapdragon

  33. I am such a juicy lucy fan!!!!!

    I have only just found your blog, but i am going to do all of the above things xxxx

  34. Wow what a fabulous giveaway! I am a BIG Juicy Lucy fan and follower and always buy your cards!

    Much Love xx

    my email is:

  35. What a lovely giveaway, I am following your blog via GFC.

    I am following you both on twitter and will also re-tweet your blog giveaway.

    You can contact me on Twitter @daisyangel1

    I think thats 3 entries - thanks!

  36. An entry for Trisha Dean from Face-book for this Juicy Lucy give away.

  37. I am trying this for one last time.... fairies fingers crossed! Te he he. Hugs & kisses Trisha Dean xxx

  38. Wowwwie what an amazing giveaway! i love juicy lucy!! :D

    please enter me in 5 times:
    1. Following your blog
    2. Liked Juicy Luicy on facebook
    3. Liked Fancy Vintage on facebook
    4. Following Juicy Lucy on twitter
    5. Following Fancy Vintage on twitter

    Allie :)

  39. An entry for Violeta who has tried to post on this blog! Well done for trying!

  40. One entry for me, just become a follower! Fab giveaway too!


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