Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blue Spotty China,

Blue Spotty China! 

Can you ever have enough spotty china? Apparently not when you see my cheeky collection.
I am such a fan of anything spotty besides chicken pox and spots on my bananas!
This is part 2 of the tea party with my lovely neighbour Chris yesterday.

I so do have a soft spot for this gold and Wedgwood blue coloured teapot.

Collection of different shades of blue and turquoise spotty cups.

Who needs building blocks when your kids can just stack china!

Tower of spots.

Pretty purple flowers collage.

Cheeky pip studio plate.

The original reason for holding this tea party photo shoot is my gorgeous sister in law brought this really cute set for my birthday back in May! 
How well does she know me! 
So Well.

Just loving this milk jug and sugar bowl!

The teacups having a wee chat together. I'm not certain of their conversation?

As you can see, We got quite carried away with taking a few photographs of blue and white spotty china.

OOOOH,I just remembered that I have a brown spotty teapot set somewhere.

 How long ago did I hide that from my husband!

Until next time.



  1. Love all the blue and white spotty china, looks like a great tea party, and a great sil you have.

  2. beautiful blue spotty china- i want to come to your tea party how lovely ;0) x

  3. p.s those vintage rabbits are sooo sweet, my nanny made myself and twinny something quite similar ;0)

  4. oooohhh yummy post ;-)) I just love a spot to and your blue set just reminds me of a warm summer day blue skies ahhhhhh summer has been and gone here i think. Gorgeous tea pot to. Looks like you both had lots of fun, love the photo arrangment to. enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  5. Oh Wow, this has to be my favourite post! I LOVE the pictures! The spots and blue are lovely. How jealous am I?!!!! I think that your sister in law was very restrained managing to actually give it as a present instead of keeping them to herself! ha ha! Actually I think your sister in law may have just got a red spotty sugar pot to match her salt and pepper pots, so she might be happier now! he he

    Big Hugs Lovely


  6. i just love Pip Studio! more than Cath K eeeek did i just say that out loud!!!

  7. You take great pictures! I love spotty china too and also dislike freckled bananas!

    With a smile,

  8. Great collection! I love Pip STudio too - I have that pattern in blue & pink. L.O.V.E. I wonder if they are hiring? :) XOL

  9. So lovely! love your china, and off course the pip collection. nice to see it oversees.

  10. Beautiful spotty china, I just love all those shades of blue!
    Whenever I visit here (and sorry I've not been along for a while, summer hols have got in the way of blogging!)I have the urge to buy lots of lovely china - bad bad bad!!!!!
    Thankyou for sharing these lovely photos!
    Gill xx

  11. Wow, wow and wow again. Love it all!!!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  12. Hi Becca, I so agree with you, spots are fab! I love all your adorable blue cups. Thankyou for visiting and leaving a comment, much appreciated. I hope it isn't going to autumnal down there in Wales and that there might just be a little sunshine left. Have a great weekend, love Linda x


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