Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Vintage Train,

We had a lovely visit on an old train at the Gwili Steam Railway in South Wales this weekend.
 The little ones really loved it.
 And me!
It is a preserved railway from Bronwydd and operates a small section of the former Carmarthen to Aberystwyth railway that closed for passenger traffic in 1965.
The Gwili Railway was the first standard-gauge preserved railway to operate in South West Wales when it re-opened and the they are hoping to expand soon.
The experience was great and all the staff were so lovely.

Took a few photographs of the visit.

Next Train.


Train guard.

Station sign.

Gwili Railway postbox.


Red buckets.

So love the train tea rooms.

All they need is some vintage china!

One of my favourite numbers.

Stripy train bench seats.

More patterns.


This is my favourite pattern!


Lamp next to the mirror.

Little one running away!

5 Tickets.

Old train doors.


Inside the old British Rail Royal Mail train.

Royal Mail train.

Took so many more photographs,
 but don't want to bore you too much!

Hope you have a good day.



  1. What a fabulous outing! Your pics as always are stunning. I bet you all had such a wonderful time. I agree with your comment about needing some of your china. Wouldn't it be lovely to sit and have an old fashioned tea in one of those carriages! We are off on a steam train trip (my first!) this Saturday and I can't wait!! Have a fab week hon.

  2. How fun! Your pictures are beautiful! Perfect togs on the tots too ~ they went so well with the colors of the train!


  3. Fab pics! Loved the little ones in the first pic and the stripes! A girl after my own heart! he he!

    Liked the pic of the train guard too!

    Hope to be down your way soon!

    big hugs



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