Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Pretty Nature Reserve,

Oxwich Nature Reserve.

I love this nature reserve walk, no matter what the weather is.
 We went on a damp wet day but it was still beautiful.  Not many people know about the Oxwich Nature Reserve managed by the Countryside Council of Wales,
 and yet they pass it often.  It is so perfect for little ones and all ages really.  There is an abundance of lovely wildflowers, as much as  600 species of plant have been recorded here. And the wildlife is also flourishing, it has 
rare species such as the hairy dragonfly! The Nature reserve also has large number of sand dunes, freshwater lakes, marshes and woodland.
 The little ones love the wooden boardwalk over the marsh the most! 

Little one walking through the crunchy shell paths.

Loving all the purple Sea Holly out at the moment.

The Sea Holly is everywhere!

Always a wide variety of wildflowers to look at.

Massive sand dunes everywhere.

The gentle mist coming in by the sea shore.

There was a plethera of little sand hoppers as the sea was reaching high tide.

The little bugs were jumping between my toes!

 Crab on it's back.

Crab on it's front.

Having a close inspection of the crab.

So love being by the sea.
Think most of you probably do too!

Have a good day.



  1. Ahhhhhh miss that beach, one of my favourites and the bears all love it, especially when they go with their cousins! Looks like you had a great day judging by the photos! Maybe we will get anther dip there before the year is out!

    big hugs


  2. just had to say my word verification was 'bling'...made me laugh! x


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