Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Vintage Bunny Rabbits

Vintage Bunny Rabbits.

I picked up these three vintage bunny rabbits a little while back and am so in love with them!
I only saw one rabbit at first, then I saw two and thought how lucky was I to have found two.
And miracles of miracles, well not really, but I do like miracles!
I saw number 3 bunny hidden somewhere else in the shop.
Now all three of my little ones can have one each!
That is of course if they liked bunny rabbits!

But these rabbits have a secret!!!

When you turn them upside down they turn into their night time outfits!

The rabbits in their half and half state.

Loving all their gorgeous vintage patterns on their cute dresses!

Sitting outside church in their Sunday best.

Blue, cream and brown nighties.

Blue eyes checking you out.

Think this fun green and pink floral dress in my favourite!

Shy rabbit.

Ok ok, ok, I got carried away with taking photographs when we were going for a walk, but they kept hopping off and I couldn't resist snapping away!

This one is listening, notice the raised ear!


Ready to go home.

Little cwtch together as they say here in Wales.
(affectionate hug)

Have a good day from the 3 bunny rabbits and I.


A special thanks and a cwtch to all my new lovely followers and for entering the juicy lucy giveaway on the last blog here! I have tried to come and say hello on all your amazing blogs and am inspired by such talent! 


  1. Oh my gosh..........I LOVE THESE!

    So, so , so sweet. I love how they tip over and go to sleep at night. I ADORE the fabrics used. LUCKY, lucky you to find a set of three gorgeous treasures. Who would want to part with those? Lucky for you they did! Might have to sneak those babies in my case next time I am down your way! ha ha!

    Have a super day my lovely!



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