Thursday, 11 August 2011

Vintage Blue Dress.

 Vintage Blue Dress
I came across this stunning vintage light blue dress yesterday.
I fell in love with it straight away and now it is has a home hanging on the back of my door.

Ok, ok, ok, so maybe it's not my size, but does that matter?
Is it only me that buys something that is beautiful that isn't necessarily the right size?

How could one resist all the attentional to detail.

The photographs taken with this filter lens make this vintage dress look like a white wedding dress.

Sparkly flower detail shimmering in the light.

Handmade dress detail of the zip.

Love the fullness of the large petticoat.

Loads of layers of net underneath this dress.

This dress is so heavy!

Ok so the diet begins so I can fit into this dress one day!



  1. Your dress is absolutely beautiful!!! What a fabulous, fabulous find. I am truly jealous - I adore this era of dresses - so utterly girly. Gorgeous fabric too. I'm so pleased you bought it - I love hearing about people buying things for love not for practicality!!! Good on you. Have a lovely weekend hon.

  2. Gosh, love, love, love it! How gorgeous is it! who cares schmoo cares if it doesn't fit, it had to be bought!

    You can just sit there staring at it imagining that it is on you and that's good enough! he he!

    Have a super friday my lovely


  3. This dress is Gorgeous!!! Staring to it and keep on dreaming is enough ;-).

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Amazing! What a beautiful dress - love the colour and style!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Oh my! The dress is simply amazing... I'm a bit jealous! ;)

  6. My goodness, it's absolutely beautiful! What an incredibly lucky find - it would have been a crime to leave it!


  7. It's simply lovely!!!!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  8. What a gorgeous dress. Who cares if it doesn't fit! Just lovely to look at! Sue x

  9. This is beautiful :D major glompage! xxx


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