Thursday, 27 October 2011

Happy Birthday Roses & Cup of Tea,

Birthday Post.

Just a wee post today. Been a really busy time which is great.
We had the pleasure of Ness round today my lovely talented sister in law. 

So awesome to see Ness on her birthday.
Had a little tea party for 9.

She wore the cutest embroidered Odd Molly pink shirt.
So picked this pretty pink cup for her Yorkshire tea.

Pink and brown spotty china on Cath Kidston fabric.

 Something to add to Ness's growing collection of vintage china!
Present tied together in pink vintage lace.

These roses smell so amazing.

Have had so many visitors this week, been really fun & exciting.
And as always, great to see Ness for her birthday.

Hope you enjoyed.


Love these beautiful pink roses so so so much. They are from lovely Katy's sister who visited recently.
Wish the flowers could last forever.

And birthdays.

And people...



  1. What beautiful roses. Sounds like you had a lovely little tea party. xx

  2. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could hold and keep that family gathering of laughter and fun on a merry go round that never stoppped. No work etc just fun.....Im with you there. beautiful roses such pretty colours. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  3. How lovely to see The Beauty on her birthday. She will be pleased her nails look terrific in the photo.

    Lovely to have seen Katy's sister. For her too. If only the roses could last forever.

    Off to catch up with the china loving in your previous posts now.


  4. A tea party! How sweet. Lovely pictures:)


  5. Laughing at Cuckoo's comment. First time I ever paid any attention to my nails! ha ha! Super day...super tea in super crockery!


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