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Macmillan's "World's Biggest Coffee Vintage Morning"

"World's Biggest Coffee Vintage Morning"

Oh My word, is all I can say at the amount of support to our Macmillan's Vintage Inspired "World's Biggest Coffee Morning".
Thank you so much to all that came and helped, ate cakes, danced, dressed up and cleaned up.

You are all such stars.

Busy Rush of people! What we like to see!

Even the lovely ladies in the kitchen dressed up in vintage style! Thanks also to some of those lovely Ostreme Theatre players that got involved too!

Awesome coffee cake made by Mrs B. in the background there. 
And Big Wow to Jan from the W.I. for her professional scones that she made and her amazing help too!

The fabulous Kirsty known as the costume lady from Krazy Kapers.
She is so much fun and you so need her enthusiasm at what ever event you have! Love all her stuff, such fun!

Lots of photographs of the day. I didn't take as many as I usually do,
 which is unlike me, but there was so much to do, 
like eat cake! hahaha

Love this one of my favourite vintage china buddy!

Such a soft spot for any kind of suitcase or basket or old umbrellas! 
Ok, ok, I love everything!

Close up of the old umbrella.

And so love mannequins!

And a lovely bear turned up for the vintage picnic!


Pink cake stand.

And more cake stands.

So love this floral fabric, can't decide what to do with it, except stare at it!

One of Kirtsy's collection of heads!

Another dinky basket.

More floral bunting. Have quite a few strings of it now.

Have quite a collection of old silverware now.
You can't really have enough, can you?

Really, really do have a soft spot for vintage glass cake stands. 
Cakes just look so pretty on them.

A few photos from the night before the event.

Sorry this has taken so long to put together, so much has happened in the last 2 weeks, busy times!

I have to mention so many people now that I am so grateful for knowing.

Don't worry if you are in a rush and need to finish reading!

So here I am writing about Macmillan and all the amazing support they give to cancer sufferers and family members.  So many people are affected by this awful thing, way too many. 

I have to mention the lovely Macmillan Representive for South West Wales Kathryn Morgan who came and got involved, what a beautiful and most gracious lady you are.
Thanks for all your help you gave me in getting organised for this large event in just a couple of weeks!

The Macmillan event, (World's Biggest Coffee Morning) started in 1990, when a local fundraising committee decided to hold a coffee morning where people came along to meet and mingle - as they might ordinary do - but donate the cost of their coffee to Macmillan in the process.
The idea seemed so simple, yet effective, so it was suggested to be taken up nationally. So in 1991, 2,600 people registered to hold coffee mornings across the country! Since then it has raised over £60 million in total for Macmillan cancer Support.

So this Macmillan event was really easy to adapt to a vintage style coffee fundraising morning.

But it was only possible with the help of so many people!

Thanks most of all to my lovely brother, He has gone through so much recently and I can’t begin to understand his great loss of his lovely wife this summer. She is so so so so missed by everyone that knew her! Big time.

My brother was in awe of The Royal Marsden Hospital in London, which tried so hard to treat beautiful Katy, right up until the last few weeks.
I know they thought a lot of the Marsden and they really wanted to raise awareness of the research too that went on there with cancer.

I must thank my lovely other half for just being there and for being so lovely and for helping with the wee ones so we could raise this money! Thanks wee ones also for coming along and for eating cakes! Such stars and also in awe of your love for china at such a young age! And love for cakes! Hehehe

Thanks also to my mom and her awesome secret American recipe for her chocolate brownies that I sneaked throughout the day! And also for all your help that you always give all hours of the day. I hope that I will be as amazing as you one day!

I also must say a big thank you to all the kind and generous people that brought so many lovely raffle prizes too. Thank you.

Thank you to the lovely, thoughtful and most generous Sarah from Cover to Cover,
and also to the beautiful and talented Pippa Eastman and her lovely fascinators and hats. You are such a star!

Thanks go to Cerys and Lloyd and their fab Dance Company, Party People Wales who really got people dancing all day, even me!
(Brilliant vintage style dance lessons.)

Thanks to the really cute florist Meagan from Made in Mumbles.
Loved all the wild flowers and roses! So So So beautiful!
You really knew what we wanted to get that vintage look!

To all the members from the lovely local Methodist Church, what stars you all are!

And really thank you to the large number of Sixth formers, who helped serve tea and really got into the swing of the vintage tea party!

Thanks to Ben and the local Co-op too. They were so generous to get involved and donate.

Thanks to Rach too for absolutely everything and for organising me! 
Rachel and Rick the night before were so awesome. Especially Rick up the ladder with the bunting! And Huw, Kirsty and Pete with hanging out banners, posters, etc!

Thanks again to Kirsty, you make me laugh so much. So love all your vintage props and costumes. You were so good at organising the team and showing humour all day! You are a super star!

Kirsty's Blog coming soon!

And Sue, I love working with you, You are so talented and have your head so screwed on! Thank you. Also looking forward to the next event soon! Can’t wait!

Thanks to my oldest friend Beth, now come on Beth, what can I say! Besides you are like totally awesome and so there for everything! And to your lovely Mom too! Looking forward to our next exciting event soon! Yippie!

 I hope I have thanked everyone; Big hugs to all of you that came, helped and ate cake!

I am so in awe of the big lovely hearts out there!

Thank you so so so much.




  1. Wow...that looks like a mammoth coffee morning! Glad it went so well. It looks amazing. The china looked gorgeous all laid out and the cake stands too! Would have loved to have been there too to eat cake and drink tea to my hearts content! If you do one again next year, i'll be there for sure!


  2. wow! looks wonderful!!! so much lovely china too and cakeys x
    we had a lovely charity event for Macmillan at my daughters school- some of the mums made the most amazing cakeys and there was an auction! one cakey raised 37 pounds!!!! was lovely all the mums nattering, though we didnt have pretty china it was plastic cups and plates! boo! ;0)x

  3. Wow what a fab coffee morning. Lovely vintage china and yummy cakes.
    I used to work for Macmillan and was involved in the WBCM events. It was a lot of fun.

  4. oh, what a lovely idea for the coffee morning! i wish i could have come x

  5. So glad it went well for you. It all looked very tempting! Tea is so much nicer in a china cup, isn't it? Beautiful photos and love the tea pot. I have been looking for a floral tea pot all summer but to no avail (not in my price range, anyway)! I also love glass cake stands but they take up so much room in my cupboards. Do you have a secret way of packing them?


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