Friday, 21 October 2011

Vintage Blue and Gold Teapot With Chris, Part Two,

Vintage Blue and Gold Teapot With Chris,
Part 2

It seems like so long ago since I took these photographs of Chris. 

Looks so nice and sunny in these photographs.
Been a busy few days, weeks, months, year, 
you know how it goes!
But here we are graced by Chris's lovely company and her really cute bright and cheery outfit to go with this really fun blue teapot.

(Read Part 1 of this to understand the reference to matching teapots with outfits??!?)

For those that may have seen my lovely friend Chris,she is usually wearing Anthropologie.

So here are a few more cute clothes from this cool shop!

Teapot and Chris.

Love this red and white short sleeved shirt.

Little one's hands touching the old blue teapot. 
Have to teach them so early to appreciate such fineness! 

So have a serious case of the wantsssssssss with this blue sail skirt!
So, so, so need it living by the sea-side here.
Well maybe need is the wrong word, but seriously love it.

 Have a good day, Yippie the weekend approaches!

See you soon.

Vintage fair coming up this weekend!
Can't wait.



  1. sooo wonderful your photo shoots of the fashion and tea pots and china! so much fun and beautiful colour! what a joy! x

  2. Wow - stunning pics! I always have to rush off and make a cup of tea when I've visited you! Have a fab week hon.


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