Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Vintage Wedding

Fancy Vintage had the pleasure of providing the vintage china for Abi's wedding a few days back.
What a lovely couple they were and how awesome does the venue look.

They hired a marquee overlooking the beautiful Gower coastline.

Hopefully more pictures soon.

Quite a lot of packing was needed for 120 place settings.

 I so enjoy getting out all the pretty china every time.

Pretty rose patterns on plates.

 But then there is the washing up after!

Lots of sugar bowls and milk jugs to wash. 

And fragile cups and saucers.

Then packing away time until the next event.

What fun.

Dinner time, now what plate shall I pick?


P.S. Have you discovered Instagram yet?


  1. How lovely, it makes me want to get married again (to the same man of course!). I love vintage china and try to use it s often as possible at home, but I don't envy you all that washing up xx

    1. Thanks lovely, It has taken a while to wash up! I get all funny and want to match them all up! xx

  2. Ooh Becca the china looks absolutely gorgeous! But I agree with fourhappybunnies, I don't envy you all the washing up!
    Victoria xx

    1. Thank you lovely Sweet pea. CAn't understand why the other half didn't do the washing up? hahaha

  3. Oh my gosh! This is just too, too pretty. I especially love the pic Of everything packed away. Is that a bit weird of me? Its just that it's a bit like a where's Wally but with lovely china xx

  4. Hehehe, love your comment, made me laugh. Yes I agree it does look so lovely packed away. Have to do it though, so they don't get dusty. Becca x

  5. I would not get anything done all day if I lived with all that china! I would just want to drink tea and eat cake. Love it, just love it all!


  6. It looks beautiful and so pretty and floaty, dee x

  7. Hello! I have nominated your gorgeous blog for the Liebster Blog Award as one of the blogs that brighten our day.
    I have followed your blog for some time now and have always enjoyed and taken inspiration from you and how you present your love of vintage.
    To accept the award it would be nice if you could:
    1. Acknowledge the person that gave the award and link back to their blog.
    2. Copy and paste the award to your own site. The url of the award logo is: http://thebigforestuk.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/liebster-blog-award.jpg?w=300&h=114
    3. Share five of your choice blogs to pass the award onto and let them know by commenting on their blog.
    Good wishes from Carol (& Carole) at Itsy Bitsy Vintage (http://itsybitsyvintage.blogspot.co.uk)

  8. Hello from your newest follower.

    I am so in love with the china in this post and your blog is lovely.

    With love,

    Lexie @ piecesofwonderful.blogspot.com

  9. Just browsing on Pinterest and came across the top photo so followed it all the way back here! I love the styling! This is sooo what I want for my wedding, vintage china, pretty marquee!
    Thank you for taking these snaps, I have saved them as inspiration ;)

    1. thank you so much for your lovely comments, hope all is well with you, did you do this look for your wedding, sorry I missed your comments, Becca xx

  10. I wanted to ask how much and where were I order this for my wedding

    1. hi there, sorry, just seen your message, are you married now? hope it all went well, sorry I missed this, oops, Becca xx


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