Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Vintage Kitchen Utensils.

So loving these vintage kitchen utensils at the moment.
I have had this cream egg beater for a while but haven't used it yet, It's just been hanging up looking at me. 
I really must do some baking soon!
Just a quick one really to check in and say hi and sorry I haven't blogged for ages.

Love these vintage ice-cream scoopers.

Take care for now,

 Have a lovely day.



  1. I love vintage utensils! The beater is fab!
    Victoria xx

  2. Love them! My mum bought me an egg beater (although not vintage like yours) for christmas and it's great fun to use. I've whipped cream with it too although it was a bit tiring!

  3. Love the scoopers too! I would like to someday run into the ones that are shaped like points on the bottom - those are really unique finds!


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