Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jubilee Vintage Tea Party,

Ok, ok, this is the last Jubilee post, I promise!
Oystermouth Primary school recently had a Jubilee party for all it's former students, parents and supporters.
It was a fantastic turnout with so many people attending the event. Even former head-masters came too. Everyone really enjoyed drinking cups of tea and eating the most awesome cakes that all the parents had made. I may have got carried away with too many photographs of vintage china but if you know me and my blog posts over the last few years you would have already expect that!

Cool Jubilee poster by Rasa.

The collection of teapots is growing, the question is can you ever have enough?

So many cakes.


Lovely Meagan's flowers from Made in Mumbles.

A tad bit of tablecloth action.

My favourite vintage cake-stand.

A spot of Royal Albert.

Cheeky yellow bird.

Amazing looking cake - don't worry I didn't make it!

May pole dancing ladies on vintage linen.
Think we all should have tried a bit of that!

Ahhh that china cup doesn't go with that saucer!

Lady in yellow crinoline dress tea cup.

I can see the headmaster! 

More Sadler teapots?

Flowers in vases.

Cake tent in the background.

Sweet Williams.

Eating cake.

Amazing Meagan.

Awesome Anna tidying.

Aaahhh finally time for my cup of tea.

Pink Sadler teapot.

Fab photo of glass cake stands.

All the little ones got a goodie bag full of lovely picnic food and treats donated by a certain lovely Rebecca T.
Just wow to your  brilliant and generous idea Rebecca :-)
They will certainly remember this day for a very long time.
Does anyone remember the last Jubilee?
Yikes am I showing my age!!
The whole school then had a fashion parade and fancy dress competition which was really good fun from the 3 year olds to the 11 year olds.

Looking at all the old photos. 
It was amazing to see how many generations and relatives had attended the school! It must have taken ages to gather all these photos from the archives.
My 93 year old grandmother-in-law was really hoping to attend the reunion and vintage tea party but was unfortunately unwell on the day. That would have made such a lovely photo of 4 generations who had attended the school!

Hello cheeky harlie.

As you can see it was such a fun afternoon.
It went by way too quickly, which is defiantly a good sign.
Well done to all the wonderful PTA team and parents at Oystermouth School.
You have raised an awful lot of money in a short time for a very worthy cause - (the playground.)

In awe.

Well done to amazing Meagan again too for just everything!!

Such a star.

Take care for now.



  1. Wow, what lovely photos of what looked like a smashing event! Glad it raised some money. Sometimes PTA work can be a bit of a thankless task! So much beautiful china!

  2. What eye candy! So many gorgeous photos to looks at. Looks like a fantastic party! I love all the sweet embroidered table clothes. xxx

  3. It all looks beautiful! What an amazing collection of china you have! The sweet treats look delicious too.

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  4. I absolutely love your rows of teapots. A girl can definitely never have enough. Or china in general! :)

  5. Great blog - love your vintage china! Am now following - we had a lovely hol in Mumbles in a little pink terraced house a few years ago. Beautiful place...X

  6. Oh that is the cutest idea ever!! It sounds like so much fun! And who doesn't like a tea party??
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey


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