Saturday, 12 November 2011

London, 11-11-11

We had a trip to London yesterday.
Quite a day.
Saw my lovely brother and sister.
It was a beautiful day but slightly emotional being on the 11th.
Really nice to get together and remember all those dear loved ones.
It was a chilly autumn day with so many different activities and sounds going on compared to here by this quite seaside town.

Red poppies everywhere.

My red, white and black poppy skirt,

Sad, but it was little one's first trip (that he can remember)
 to the capital.
Love why he asked about all the beeping and honking!

I thought everything looked beautiful.

Cute Yellow bathroom signs in one of our favourite restaurants.

I didn't have any of these beautiful looking desserts.
Not sure why I just had rye toast?

In awe of the beautiful autumnal colours in Hyde Park.

Rustling of leaves.

Just trying my first video on my blog?


Bleak tree.

Royal ALbert Hall.

Friendly squirrel.

Wow to the colour of this lovely tree at the Serpentine.

Lunch time at the Lido 
after visiting the Serpentine Gallery.

Chairs enjoying the view.

Dog waiting for it's owner.

Until next time. 



  1. Stunning images. Loving those autumn colours. x

  2. Beautiful pics lovely. Glad you had a good day there.


  3. Beautiful.... my hometown looking lovely as always!
    and amazingly put together by you.... as always!


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