Friday, 18 November 2011

Red Spot Day,

Hope you all manage to raise loads of money today for Children in Need.
We got the red and white spotty teapot out today before we painted the little one's faces.

And I had to wear my bright coloured spotty skirt for the little one's assembly they were doing this am.
I have never seen such a sea of spots and stripes.

Remember this is the only day that you can get away with wearing your pyjamas all day!

Take advantage!




  1. Oh my gosh.......loving the immense amount of spotty in your post! The teapot....oooooh fab.....the skirt....oooooh lush....but the socks.......oh wow.......heart stopping!!!!!!

    must go and lie down now! ha ha!

    Have a super day lovely!


  2. Red and white spots and a teapot....heaven ;-)) dee x


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