Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pretty Scrum Diddly Cakes.

I continue to be in awe of Michelle's beautiful wedding cupcakes from Scrum Diddly.
I absolutely love them. 
 It was great fun trying to match her pretty cupcakes with some delicate vintage china recently at a recent Wedding Fayre.
I love the intricate detail on the flowers.

Cupcakes on tall glass cake-stand.
Green orchid cupcake.
Pink rose cupcake
Light pink pearl cupcake.
My favourite, pink and green flowers on cupcake! 
(this cake matches most of my pastel china)
Really cute pink rose cupcake and pretty vintage napkin.
Dark pink orchid cupcake.
So love this really cute blue and white spotty cupcake,
Top views of cakes.
And my favourite green cup and saucer.
6 cakes.
Green orchid cupcake and green vintage china.

And zoomed in version of blue spotty ribbon on cupcake and blue vintage china.

Hope you like the cakes as much as me.

If you like these, you should see some of Michelle's awesome wedding cakes.

Take care for now.
 I am so behind with so many blogs, 
I have started so many and I haven't finished them. 
We have been so busy, which is a good thing, a very good thing. So many emails and so many cake eating sessions going on!

 I am so excited about the rest of 2012.

 I was so going to start mountain biking again this year. 
Like when am I ever going to find time for that!

And I so need it with all the tea parties and cake eating.

Love Big Bertha, I mean Becca:-)



  1. Oh cripes, I think I've put on weight just reading this post! Absolutely gorgeous pics hon. What amazing cakes - I adore the one with the wee pink roses. Delish.

  2. hi! Oh, those pictures againg! And those colors! You're china is really toooooooooo beautiful.Love love love it!
    Have a nice day!

  3. O my, those cakes are like little works of art and far too nice to eat!

  4. Beautiful photos of lovely cakes on gorgeous china. I wish you could set my table everyday! ha ha! It's friday...yippeeeeeeee......

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Wow those cake toppings are amazing sooo pretty ;-) Glad to hear business is good. Have a great weekend, dee x

  6. Wow those cakes are beautiful! I especially love the little pearl one! They would go perfectly with our wedding theme! I am so jealous of all your pretty china, and all the yummy cakes you've got to eat!

    Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  7. The cupcakes look fantastic, but I love your plates too!!!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x


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