Friday, 17 February 2012

Vintage China and Cookies,

Cookies on Royal Albert vintage sandwich plate.
I came across this china the other day in my garage and couldn't believe that I had forgotten all about it.
There is always the thought that one should save such pretty vintage china for a special occasion, but I really feel that everyday is an occasion to be happy about.
So here it is.

Plus it's also good to try out the china before it gets hired out!

Love the Royal Albert gold detail and pattern.
 And pretty table runner.
  Perfect cup size for a coffee.

 China getting to know each other.
 5 large cookies.

Flower detail.
Love this one!
Cheeky hand

Have a great weekend.


An arty photograph of little one with mixing bowl.



  1. that china is so pretty!! I love Royal Albert x

  2. That is beautiful so pretty. We really did produce such a gorgeous array of china here in England ;-) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  3. Oh what lovely photos of that gorgeous china! I adore those rectangular dishes. They are perfect for slices, cookies and sandwiches. I use them a lot! Hope you are well and the tea cosy is standing up to wear and tear!

  4. Nothing beats a lovely spot of tea! The mixing bowl pic is awesome! Thanks for sharing these pretties. Glad I got to drop in for a visit today :-)

  5. Hi Becca, I have just awarded you the liebster blog award on my blog! xxx

  6. Oh WOWZER. One of my favourite China sets! I ADORE this. I think it's one of the prettiest sets ever. I have lusted after this set for several years now. I hope to have a sip of tea from it and a cookie from the gorgeous plate when I'm next over! Big hugs lovely xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hello! I've just found your blog via Jewel and thought I'd stop by to say 'hello' :) I absolutely love that china, so pretty x

  8. My word, that china is so beautiful! So bright and lovely, I have an albert plate which is used for daily use. Why keep such treasures tucked away huh!? x

  9. I finally found a post on how not to be a no reply blogger anymore -

    Hopefully this will help! xx

    1. Thanks so much, I have had a little play now so hope it works! Becca xx


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