Thursday, 16 February 2012

St. David's Day Vintage Tea & Coffee Morning,

We are exciting once again to be helping with the St. David's Day vintage tea & coffee morning coming up.  We raised so much money last year for the local church family and youth work fund.  
People were very generous.

So this time we have tried to find most of our green and yellow china to go with the theme of St. David's day and all things Welsh!
 We should also put out some red china too (Welsh Dragons!)

Hopefully all the daffodils will be out!

Check out here for our last Macmillan's big coffee morning photographs.

and here for last years's Valentine Vintage tea party.

Have a good day and if you are in the area, 
please do drop by and say hello.


(Do you think I should dress up in Welsh Costume?)



  1. Beautifull! Maybe you would like the challenge wich een sneller kloppend hart starts on wednesday! That's colorsday. Feel free!

  2. I hope you will raise lots of money Becca. I would love to see you in the National Welsh dress :-)

    Your cups and jugs on the photo's look great!

    Madelief x


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