Thursday, 1 December 2011

*Advent Calendars Arrive*

* Day 1 *  

3 Advent Calendars arrived this morning, it has always been a sweet tradition that my lovely Mom sends them to us today.

I love how she remembers all of the wee ones now and how excited they are each morning to open up a new little window.
I also love how she find such lovely nativity illustrations each year.

This is the wee one getting way too excited receiving post and opening all of the others post up too.


The weekend approaches.


(If you are reading this Mom, thanks! You are such a mega star)


  1. What a lovely gesture. I love the more traditional Advent calendars too, my fave.

    Sam x

  2. How lovely!
    I can totally relate to the little one, I get so excited whenever I get post...!!


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