Saturday, 3 December 2011

Vintage Patchwork and China,

Vintage Patchwork and China,

I really love patchwork, my lovely grandma taught me how to patchwork, years and years ago. She was an amazing artist,crafter and traveller and I am so in awe of what she achieved in her 93 years.
I remember she helped me make some blue patchwork pieces all in really lovely light blue patterns. I think I eventually made the patchwork pieces into a cushion and a patchwork hat. I wonder wherever did they get to?
Anyway I thought this patchwork piece could be used for everyday cups of tea experiences to brighten up your day.

It certainly cheered me up this week. 

OOH did I mention my good friend Beth has been taking good care of me this week. Oh wow can she cook. This banoffee type muffin was amazing, it even came with toffee sauce separately to warm up.  It didn't last long.

Have a few pieces now of this lovely light green Minton cup and saucer. Had to buy the china as it matched my kitchen!

Do you know what? My cheeky husband was so trying to sneak this patchwork into the bin yesterday! He said it was really gross!
Had to laugh, I think he is beginning to think that about a lot of those cheeky finds that he keeps coming across!

I need to find better hiding places!
Or a bigger house with lots of big cupboards.

Take care have a lovely weekend.


Beth has been busy helping out with fancy vintage china recently.
Not sure what I would do without her!
Lots happening so she's the boss this week!

Star award and thanks to Beth.



  1. My husband does that too! I swear we're related!!!!!! xxx

  2. Such a beautiful post! I love the patchwork - it's absolutely gorgeous. Boy - that muffin sounds amazing - now I am absolutely ravenous!! Have a fab week.

  3. Wow gorgeous post..,just found your lovely blog,I'm now following.


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