Thursday, 15 December 2011

Vintage Film Night,

Vintage Film Night

It was such a lovely atmosphere and evening.
Vic from Harry's Fund came and talked to the audience before the film started about the fund and what it hoped to achieve.
You can read more information about Harry's Fund and the Vintage Film night here.

We raised over £350 for Harry's Fund on the night.
 So many people have taken part and helped with so many different events for the Fund. 
It hopefully will all add up and make a difference.

So many lovely people donated lovely desserts. We are really honoured by such generosity and kindness that so many people have shown.
I so am addicted to my Mom's homemade mince pies. 
I love them soooooo much.
She spent all day making them, bless her purple cotton socks.

I tell you this gorgeous coffee cake didn't last long too!
Thanks Mrs B.

Beautiful mince pies made by Celia,
Love dinky ones, means you can eat more!

And WOW to the generous Cwtch Cakes with all their really cute cupcakes.

Just on the off chance you weren't aware of what Cwtch means, it is Welsh for meaning a hug or cuddle.
Isn't that the loveliest word:)
You so can never have enough of those,
(hugs and cakes!)

A selection of busy cake stands. 
Thanks again also to Theo's and Cafe 93 for making beautiful Victoria Sponge cakes! They looked amazing.

And a big thanks to all the really cute gingerbread Christmas trees from Costa!
Really generous,thanks.

Scrooge posters.

Loved how large the cinema screen was.

Taking photographs from a comfy seat at the back.

All the generous raffle prizes!
See previous post for all the generous donations.
A massive thanks to everyone.
 POB Shop(loving all your cushions!)
Pebble, Oyster Gallery, Cover to Cover and Boden to mention a few.

Beth and Becca in vintage pinnys.

And with Vic in front of the large screen.

See you soon.


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  1. Glad the evening went well and you raised good funds. Wish I had been there......boy the cakes looked good! Lovely last look beautiful!!!!!



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