Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Wonderland ,

Christmas Wonderland has arrived in Swansea.
We had a little time there with the little ones who were so in awe of the bright buzzing atmosphere and the loud Christmas music.

This fast ride looked pretty but was way to scary.

Spin, spin, spin the wheel.
(and the camera)

 Bright blue slide with lights.

Quarter of the Giant Wheel.

Snowman with a bright idea.


Ice skater.


A little bit of lady spray paint action on a fair ground ride.

Two Suzukis.

 Prize every time booth. Wonder what the prize could be!

 Big Wheel behind the Prize every time booth.

Fast, spinning car ride.

Will wait.

One more day to wait until Father Christmas pays a visit!

How exciting.


Have a good Christmas Eve.

And a really lovely Christmas Day.

Big hugs to you all, and thank you so much to all that have ended up here this year.



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