Monday, 16 April 2012

Aprons on the Beach,

We have been so enjoying the Easter holidays this week, it is so nice to spend time with the wee ones.
Like me, they love dressing up and collecting everything. But this week they were especially good sports at dressing up and drinking out of china on the beach.
We have so trained them early!
I have a real battle some mornings with the youngest one wanting to wear my gold vintage shoes out.
It is quite funny though. He also shouts china really loud in public when he sees it. He also sometimes likes to flick the china to make sure it is actually china and also to see if it has the right sound to see if it is cracked. It does make me laugh.

So today it's a couple of boys dressed up in aprons on the beach with china. 
Just what you wanted to see.

My lovely sister in law also made an appearance this week which was awesome, she is also a lover of all things vintage and china.

Pink vintage china checking out the sea.

Stripes and flowers, nice look!

This mega colourful picnic cloth is my emergency back pack one for wet sand and was only a £1.

Love the clashing of colours!

Love the yellow and purple lady on this china cup.

Wee one with china cup.

 Easter Bunny lollipop enjoying the sea view.

Wellies and apron from anthropologie.

Time to go.

Little ones skimming pebbles.

Checking out the high tide.

Oops, massive wave.

Ominous clouds approaching.

Holidays nearly over, boo.

Hope you all had a good Easter break.

Becca x


  1. Love this post! Love the china on the beach and the aprons. Love the models too, they did so well! You really have them trained well! Bet your sister in law enjoyed modelling for you! ha ha!

    I hope you have a super week!


  2. such a beautiful post- loving the colours of the aprons and china on the sandy beach...boys should wear aprons more often hehe ;0)x

  3. Gorgeous post Becca, am loving the crinoline lady teacups and fabulous aprons. Nothing better than tea on the beach!
    Victoria xx

  4. Look at those adorable photos! What gorgeous wee models you have there. Gumboots and aprons - a perfect combination!!

    Have a fab week hon.

  5. What a beautiful place we live in Becca- lovely post, bet the boys had a giggle dressing up for mummy! x

  6. Lovely post.
    Wonderful blog with lovely vintage items !

    Warm greetings,


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