Monday, 2 April 2012

Blue and White Spots.

 My lovely friend and next door neighbour Chris is going away for a few months, Boo. We will all so miss her.
Many of you will know that she is featured quite a bit in my blog. A good friend who also brings tasty homemade delights round and then models my china to match her really cute outfits.

Today's post brings you Chris in a beautiful navy blue and white spotty dress from her favourite shop anthropologie.

Chris with vintage handmade cushion and crocheted blanket.

 Blue spotty cup.

 Blue and white stripy teapot.

 Cheeky hand.
 Little one is really getting into china at the moment.
I love it when he asks in the morning, 
"Which coffee shop shall we go too"!
Training him early.

Well hope you all have a good day.

Take care for now. 

And hopefully more posts of visits from lovely Chris when she returns.


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  1. Adorable! Who wouldn't love all those spots and stripes. Hope you have a fab week hon.


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