Monday, 9 April 2012

Old Telephones,

Bit of a fan of old telephones, although you did need a lot of patience to call those long numbers on them. I remember we used to have a really cute pink phone when we lived in the States years ago. Not sure what happened to it, I hope it's in our attic somewhere. I will have to go and check that out soon. 
So this is just a short little post with a few photographs of these old but not so practical beauties.

Now wouldn't you love this Avocado coloured telephone to match your bathroom suite!

Take care for now.



  1. Ah, what a sweet collection!! Love it! The red one is my favorite! :-)

  2. Who would have thought they would become an iconic design classic? I always loved the red ones, I think ours was cream but i dont really remember - it was just there!

  3. Oh I love these old phones! I wish my parents held on to their old one, I'd love to have it now!


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