Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Little Bakeshop,

I love visiting 
It is a really friendly coffee shop as well as specialist in beautiful desserts.
 We have sampled quite a few of their cakes now.
I always have to try out something chocolatey, and I so am never disappointed.

Always happy to be greeted by pretty vintage china
and cute knitted cup-cakes.

I'm a bit of a fan of gold frames.
Little tasty samples to try which always goes down well with the little ones!
And oh my word these gluten free Brownies are so tasty. 
My next door neighbour Chris now pops by with some of these beauties. 
A very nice neighbour!
Pastries don't last long here!
And of course how can you go wrong with delicate vintage china to serve your lovely tasty desserts on!

I have been meaning to write this post for over a month now. This has been the longest time I haven't written in my little blog. I'm sure you all have been missing it! hehe
It has probably been the busiest month in a long time which is great. I think the sun has arrived and suddenly everyone is ready  for vintage china!

Anyway I am always excited to see another coffee shop anywhere, you so can never have enough! So if you have a chance pop into this really lovely and friendly cake shop.

The Little Bakeshop were kind enough to donate these beautiful chocolate cupcakes for our recent vintage tea party. They went down very well!

Ok I had one, but only one though. I had to test them!
And it was ammmmmmazing!

Have a really lovely day.


Don't forget April fools day! 
(My favourite day of the year for being cheeky!)

Write and say what cheeky pranks you have all been doing!


  1. omg i am totally druling over all of this! It all looks DELICIOUS! and the vintage china totes sets off that beautiful food :) x

  2. What a yummy post! I've got a really sweet tooth, all their cakes ad puds looks just lovely. Happy April fools, I forgot all about it until I read your post! Have a lovely day, Love Katie xx

  3. the china is soooooooooo nice, and even though i'm not into sweet cakes etc i doooooooooooo love the foto's.
    And so sorry for my badbadbad english

  4. Hi Becca,

    It looks like a nice store. They make some delicious looking things!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  5. My mouth is watering big time now after seeing all those delicious cakes ;-) Glad business is great for you. take care, dee x


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