Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Royal Albert's Lady Carlyle Pink China,

I'm so in love with this new pink china trio. I picked up a couple of these this week and I can't stop looking at them. That does sound a little odd doesn't it. But nonetheless I'm in love.
This pretty pink floral pattern is none other then Lady Carlyle's pattern by Royal Albert.

I'm starting to notice a strong similarity of this large pink rose bouquet with a lot of my china now from many different china makers. 

Lovely chocolate brownie made by The Little Bakeshop.

So loving our lovely Nespresso coffee maker.

Don't worry, I did manage a long walk after eating this large chocolate brownie today!
I have also started running again, something drastic was so needed after eating all these cakes.
It may take a century or two to loose a few pounds though. 

Take care for now.


My gosh I just remembered I still have a full China set hiding away in the car still. 
I must get that out tomorrow.

Ooooh that is a pretty set too.

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