Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Vintage Pink Glass Collection,

I have been collecting old pink bits and pieces for a while now, I really have a soft spot for pink coloured glass at the moment. So here are a thousand and one images of pink glass vases with pink roses in them.

Nice handle action.

Love tinware.

Then there were the pink little dessert bowls.
I love these so much. I have a few of these bowls in green too and some vases too, better do a post on old green collections soon.

Have a lovely day. 


And oh my, I have discovered instagram!
Thanks to my lovely sister in law!
I am called fancyvintagechina on it, funny enough, so if you are also addicted to it, come and find me.



  1. Pretty post, you take wonderful photographs.

  2. Gorgeous photographs Becca, I love coloured glass but it's often tricky to find.
    Victoria xx

  3. The pink glass is so lovely! My Gran had some glasses a bit like the right hand vase in the picture after the words "nice handle action", all in different colours but goodness only knows what happened to them. Next time I'm up in the roof, I'll have a look for them - you never know they might be there!

  4. wonderful photos

    Following, and looking forward to future posts.


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