Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Chocolate and Strawberry Cake

I finally got round to cooking today, and as you all know I am partial to a little bit of chocolate. Did I say a little,oops, well a lot! So made this quick and easy to make Chocolate and strawberry cake for our lovely neighbours opposite us who are going through a tough time at the moment. I really hope it tastes ok. It has really inspired me to start baking more.I had forgotten how enjoyable it was. Especially when you involve lovely little helpers to blend the chocolate. And also help from friend Beth  with the icing.

Ok,ok,you are probably thinking how much did I do!

I did put it in the oven,

and take it out.
And put it on my cake stand,
and deliver it.

And their are people out there that cook cakes more then once a month. Now that's stamina.
I shall have to research new recipes now on all your blogs! 



  1. Wow what a deliciously sinful looking cake, and a lovely thoughtful pick-me-up for your neighbours.
    Now you've made one I bet you'll just have to make another for your family!
    Gill x

  2. How did you manage to give it away?!!!!! x

  3. Looks lovely, i made a chocolate cake last night but need to ice it later when i get home, its a birthday cake for my friend whos coming to Bitch and stitch tonight but i may just have to put strawberries on the top now after seeing yours ;-)) dee x

  4. Oh yum... what a lovely cake! I love the strawberries on top! Delightful...

  5. Wow, your cake looks great. Shall we swap, I give you a cupcake and I get a slice of that delicious looking cake from you :-)?!

    Happy evening!

    groetjes van Madelief

  6. Wow. that looks amazing. I love strawberry and chocolate. x

  7. Thank-you all for your encouraging comments on my first cake of the century! Need to make another one for me, now!


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