Monday, 14 March 2011

Pink Vintage Teapot and Purple Dress,

Another lovely visit form my neighbour Chris with a delicious chocolate brownie, I will tell you that you are always welcome at my house if you bring chocolate! Unfortunately for a lot of people at the moment they are giving up chocolate for lent, does that mean I will be twice the size, as I haven't given it up!

I haven't given up drinking tea for lent either.

Love this Sadler pink teapot,

And my new floral vintage tablecloth.

I'm sure the chocolate brownie lasted less then a minute!

Happy Teapot,

empty cup,

time for a refill.

Milk, I only like the tiniest, smallest, dinkiest drop in my tea.

Chatted so long, needed a top up.

You may be wondering how many photographs can you possibly take of a teapot? Not enough!

Next door neighbour Chris sporting another beautiful purple dress from Anthropologie,
love the combination of the blue floral shirt with it.
(shirt from New Look)

And every dress needs a cream SMEG fridge as an accessory.

Think this pink and gold vintage china set is so so pretty, I have 4 similar sets, obviously you never know when you will be needing 24 pink and gold teacups and saucers! I think it's amazing to heave four sets that are completely different in pattern but all pink and gold, will carry on searching for more! How can one resist!

Take care,



  1. aahhh lovely post i loved the way the teapot etc told the story ;-)) I love your teapot by the way and you can never ever have to many pretty cups and saucers ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x

  2. I agree with Dee, you can never have enough vintage china. Such a gorgeous set. Love your pics.
    Pam x

  3. Love the vintage tea pot and saucers!
    Thanks for stopping by and your caring thoughts.
    Sorry to hear about your loss also.

    I will be following along too! :]

  4. Just found your lovely blog, beautiful photos!!
    Em xxxx

  5. Hi Thanks for your comments
    I enjoyed your cakestands little trip out, naughty things:
    cake and tea what more could you want

    Cate x

  6. Lovely teapot! I also love that New Look shirt - they do come up trump sometimes.

  7. The pink and gold tea set is so delicate and pretty!
    Love that little pink Sadler teapot too.
    Choc brownies look yummy - what a great neighbour you have (and so stylish!)


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