Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pretty Purple Flowers, Blue Plates and Pink Jug

I received a really beautiful present a few weeks ago from my lovely most generous mom, from one of her travels.

She knows that we all have a soft spot for pip studio, but I must say not as much as my pip collector sister in law!
Pip studio's web site is so beautiful and inspiring! 
Warning! You may be tempted to purchase!!

Also loving my lovely Avoco pink rosebud jug too!
Avoco have so many lovely things. Also be very careful looking at their selection as well, you will be so so so tempted!

How beautiful are the pretty purple coloured hyacinths I brought from the florist Kate Francis, a really lovely flower shop with a vintage feel! She is also sporting a nice selection of Vintage teapots and china in her front window! It is such a treat to buy these lovely flowers, defiantly worth it from the sweet aroma they carry. It is so beautiful to walk into the dining room now, Yippie, Spring is on it's way.

Can you imagine a whole set of pip studio!

Loving their cute bird plate.

Defiantly go together as a threesome.

Zooming in on it's turquoise floral beauty!

Flowers, jug and plate.

I think this maybe the first blog entry without anything vintage?

Except the white embroidered tablecloth.

I may have been won over!!**



  1. ohhhh I LOVE IT I LOVE IT, your Pip china is so beautiful and your pictures to look great.
    Pip service makes us happy, and you make me happy with your blog post,
    greeting IrmaXXX

  2. O Wow those plates are simply devine heaven on a plate so to speak, love them all so pretty, you lucky lady ;-)) dee x

  3. Oooooh I think you might just be a convert! Wouldn't that set make the most fabulous cakestand?!!!!!! Okay so not vintage, but we could gloss over that! Still gorgeous and pretty!

    And the jug? Gorgeous Avoca! Your mum sounds just like my mother-in law! I received a lovely yarn package in the post and have been making a dreamy scarf!!!!!

    Have a beautiful day!


  4. They have a very vintage feel to them though - until you said I would've thought they were.
    The colours are just so glorious - i do so love turquoise at the moment, and the pinks offset it beautifully - what a lovely Mum you have!
    I do love your freudian mis-type re: the gorgeous hyacinths - I always feel a guilty defiance when I buy flowers, dont know why - I suppose because it is the ultimate treat for me, no-one else is bothered by them (or buys them!) in my house, so its a "because I'm worth it" moment for me!!!Enjoy your beauties!!
    Can always rely on you to post some daily beauty!
    Have a great day!
    Gill xx

  5. Thank you everyone for such lovely comments!

  6. OMG I am now completely in love with anything Pip. Love the bedding and wallpaper just have to persuade G, think it might be a bit girly for him haha. Nice blog don't know how I found you but will be back to visit soon
    Have a nice weekend
    Pene x


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