Saturday, 5 March 2011

Yummy Chocolate and Beetroot Cake

Just had the pleasure of tasting Chocolate and Beetroot cake, oh my word, beautiful. It may sound unusual but it was so yummy. The beetroot keeps the cake moist and also helps it last for a few days, but you may ask does any chocolate cake last for a few days? Not in my house!

Served on a lovely vintage rose plate.

and pretty pink roses to finish the experience!

And it has to be served by Chris with another cool outfit, and I'm guessing another dress from none other then Anthropologie?

We are lucky to live next door to an up and coming awesome cake maker and baker. Guess who gets to sample?
Such a shame!

 Loving the jug full of roses on the pastel green painted breakfast table.

I bet you are all probably thinking that I drink tea and eat cake all day!
How much fun would that be! 
Actually had such a busy, busy, busy day today doing lots of jobs and different arty things. Will show you the photographs soon!

Take care and have an awesome weekend.



  1. ooohhhh its 6.20 in the morning here and im reading the blogs i follow before i make a start for the day....and i can say is mouth watering ;-)) That looks amazing i love beetroot and chocolate you lucky lady living door ;-)) Have a lovely weekend yourself, dee x

  2. Cake looks so yummy. Love your blog.
    Pam x

  3. Lucky you to be having a cake maker living next door! I wouldn't mind trying all those cakes either. The combination of chocolate & beetroot sounds very special indeed.

    Happy weekend & lieve groet, Madelief

  4. Hmmm there does seem to be an awful lot of tea drinking in lovely vintage cups together with yummy cake eating going on - are you sure you've been busy?!!!!!
    Cake looks and sounds gorgeous!Lucky you with a great neighbour!
    Love all Chris's outfits too!!!!
    PS Am having a giveaway (or 2) over on my blog - do visit!
    Gill x

  5. Yum... I love the dress, and the cake looks delicious! I couldn't manage all '8 things you don't know', but I'm hoping the one that I've posted about makes up for the other 7... I'm still blushing! x

  6. Seriously, I think I may just have to pop round to yours for cake and a cuppa! Next half term okay?!!!!!!!!!! I really do think you ought to be sharing more! ha ha!!!!!



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