Friday, 11 March 2011

The Vintage Fashion Fair,

The Vintage Fashion Fair is coming again this Sunday to Swansea for the third time, Yippie. 
Thought it was time to show you more photographs from their last visit to get you in the mood. It was so exciting entering the beautiful old Brangwyn Hall full to the brim of delectable vintage clothes.
Rails and rails of jam packed vintage clothing.
What a dream, what a buzz, So loved it!

Tables full of treasures.

So loved this green horse jumping cravat.

Loads of coats.

Loving all these patterns, have such a soft spot for them.

I'm sure you can never have enough handbags!

Notice the cool maroon and pink hat at the top!

These vintage bags are so elegant.

Some pretty vintage shoes and beads.

How cool are these brushes?

Nice set, but do I need it??

Love the tiara, not sure about the funny little fancy vintage lady!

Always wanted a music box, must have been so deprived as a child not to have had one!

Pink perfume bottle and jewellery,

and more,

and brooches,

The inner excitement of finding a vintage fair
 is really hard to beat,

(except possibly extreme mountain biking down a sharp single track descent, but we will save that for another time!

I fell in love with this green floral vintage suit. 
I did accidentally buy it!
So appealing when you know there weren't many made like this.

Kind of funny the other half gasped when he saw it, I initially thought he was really excited about my awesome purchase! Laughing now about how gross he thought it was! I bet he's one of those people that hope there weren't many vintage suits made like this!

Oh well, I still love it.

It is now nice and safe hanging up on a lovely vintage wooden hanger on the back of my door.

Have fun if you make it to the Vintage fair or any Vintage shop near you.

Hope it will be worth your while!


Also check out previous Vintage Fashion Fair blog entry,
16 December  2010,


  1. Amazing!! I want this too! A fair like this would be great!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Oh Wow!!! What fantastic stuff - i would be tempted to spend so much!
    I love your floral suit - men just don't understand.
    Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow!!!
    Gill x

  3. Looks like there is some great stuff there - can't wait to see what you buy! x

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - am now returning the favour! The photos on here are so beautiful, will be recommending you! x

  5. Great photo's! Oh those handbags......

    Lieve groet & happy new week,



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