Monday, 21 March 2011

Mrs. Stock Tea-Cup Pops Out For The Day,

I have noticed on some days of the week that some of my vintage china has moved into different positions on my welsh dresser by the time I have come home from work. So being of a curious nature, I thought it was for the best if I sneak around behind one of the vintage china cups as it made it's way around for the day.
In particular the pretty pink floral Royal Standard's Virginia Stock teacup seems the most restless.
I know it's not nice to do this but I just wanted to make sure Mrs. Virginia Stock  was safe and ok and I kind of wanted to know what the teacups all seem to get up to when us humans are away from them.

Mrs. Virginia Stock teacup walked down the road, it did take a while. I hid behind the lamp-posts and cars taking photographs.

Who would have thought Mrs. V.Stock Teacup had 
 a day job, I am still in shock.

Mrs. Virginia was loving basking in her day job chair, what a luxury.

She chilled on that cream leather for hours.

I saw Mrs. Stock photocopying for hours.
I think because it took her so long to get there.

Then it was time for her break with the other members of staff.

Then Mrs. Stock was back working for the afternoon lecturing.
 (actually I was very impressed with her knowledge,who would have thought it!)

I saw her having a sneaky look outside, as it was home time.

Quick toilet break,

no one was looking.

A little sit down before her walk home.

I was actually surprised with the next turn of events as I didn't realise Mrs. Virginia Stocks was a religious tea-cup.
But she turned by the church gates on her way home.

She admired the lovely metal work.

Poor Mrs. Stocks, couldn't get in any door.

She tried all the entrances.

It was a challenge in itself to climb those steps without any accidents.

It was quite a journey around the church.

I had to use all my knowledge and skill to hide all day so not to be seen by Mrs. S.

Poor thing was absolutely tired from all her galavanting.

She so deserved her short break on the wooden bench,

And a smell of the daffodil aroma that was filling the spring air.

Mrs. Stocks sneaked through the metal bars of the church entrance to knock at the door, but it fell on deaf ears, no one was there.

She must have been feeling a bit disheartened as she started for home, perhaps she was looking at going for a confession for all her sneaking out day trips? But I am not one to judge,it's more then fine to have a day job and to be a teacup with a strong faith.

It was then that I made myself known as she stumbled down an unexpected gutter. I think Mrs Stocks was a little surprised at seeing me out of the blue but I know inside she was over the moon with joy.

 I'd like to say we walked home hand in hand but that was impossible, handle and hand.We had a lovely walk through the park.

And Mrs. Virginia Stocks thought the dog fouling signs were hilarious. We joked about how funny would it be if it said;
 Do not let your vintage china tea-cup foul in this park!

And then we saw the sign for skateboarding, can you imagine Mrs. Virginia Stocks skateboarding!
I'm sure some of her fellow tea-cups have been up to tricks, we will have to keep an eye on them in the future.

Then we started of down the street home.

Do you know what,I am really proud of Mrs. Virginia Stocks and the secret life she has had for possibly a very long time.
 For actually pulling of  lets face it a fantastic lecturing job, especially when jobs are hard to come by these days.
Proud is an understatement.

Mrs. Virginia Stocks of the Royal Standard clan back home now with her best friend Mr. Rose.

All is well, I'm so glad I followed Mrs. S. today as she may have been still down the gutter! A very close call.

I have really enjoyed seeing the life of a teacup outside my home.
Hope you have too.

Till the next journey.



  1. Funny, hilarious and cute :-). Mrs Virginia Stocks is really a funny and clever teacup! You are lucky to have her!


  2. Gorgeous tea cup. I guess if anyone had seen you taking all these snaps they would have probaly thought you were mad!! :) Such is life for the creative blogger and talented photographer!

    Loved this post.
    Pam x

  3. LOL!!!!

    Your dresser display is beautiful! So much lovely lovely china!Am surprised Mrs Stocks can bear to be away all day!
    have a great day

  4. ;-)) Thats was just brilliant loved the journey, dee x

  5. Loved it!!! Bet you enjoyed following Mrs S around!

    Great photos, fab post!

    Have a lovely day!


  6. What a delightful little story! I loved reading it and you must have loved telling it! Kelly x

  7. Quite a cheeky lil teacup & saucer...I will now have to keep an eye on my own teacups...xo

  8. Heehee, particularly liked the shot on the photocopier :-) xx

  9. Oh my! Your collection is so lovely! Happy to have found your blog ~ I'm following:)

    Hope you have a great day,

  10. Phew, absolutely exhausted seeing all those adventures packed in to one day! What a clever tea cup, and a clever you, managing to hide so successfully for so long.

  11. what a great story of an adorable Mrs Virginia! it's hillarious too on the dog fouling hahaha, i'm your newest follower :)

  12. haha im laughing so much at this.. i love her on the photo copier!!!


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